Antioxidant Booster - 30 ml

Antioxidant Booster - 30 ml

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Antioxidant Booster is a powerful serum with immediate and long-term antioxidant effect. Microalgae cell culture kick starts and reinfoces the skin's antioxidant capacity. Anti-aging properties of Tumeric is used to full effect to target free radicals on the skin. 

  • Antioxidant-rich serum for all skin types. 
  • Extra suitable for dull, tired and uneven skin. 
  • Vitamin E and tumeric target free radicals. 

Wearing an antioxidant serum is the easiest way to defend your skin against damaging free radicals that can slip past your SPF - providing extra protection against premature aging, skin pigmentation and a loss of firmness.

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