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BABOR, founded in Germany way back in 1956, is today one of the world's most innovative and luxurious professional skincare brands. Through the BABOR Research and Innovation Center and collaborations with reputable universities, the brand has succeeded in achieving high quality requirements and pioneering results. The founder behind all of BABOR’s success is the recognised biochemist Dr Michael Babor.

Quality and luxury

Each BABOR product undergoes extensive research and continuous quality control before reaching the customer. The result is luxury care from Nature, which meets the highest demands on effectiveness and toleration. BABOR also takes its responsibility towards Nature very seriously. Duration and environmental protection are therefore a major part of the production process. BABOR is now one of the most influential skincare brands in the world and is used by more than 100,000 beauty experts in over 60 countries.


CLEANSING - BABOR's unique two-phase cleanser combines oil and water to provide the most ideal deep cleansing effect on the skin. HY-ÖL with hydrophilic, water-loving plant oils together with PHYTOACTIVE herbal extracts bind and remove water and fat-soluble substances from the skin.

AMPOULE CONCENTRATES - Disposable doses stuffed with small molecular ingredients, packed in 2 ml sterile glass vials. Hygienic and well-preserved ingredients that provide active skincare that reaches deeper than a serum.

AGE ID - Active ingredients have been combined with high-quality make-up textures for four levels of lasting anti-ageing: Active cell protection from the Common Skullcap Herb increases skin firmness and elasticity. Flavonoids and vitamins protect against oxidation. Immediate anti-ageing effect is achieved with polysaccharides. Lumicol - extract of microalgae gives a maximum lustre and evens skin tone.

DOCTOR BABOR - Advanced skincare based on research and first precision formula by Doctor Michael Babor, biochemist and founder of BABOR. Highly concentrated combinations with the highest doses of active ingredients for the treatment of specific skin conditions.

SKINOVAGE - The key ingredient in new SKINOVAGE takes its inspiration from a relatively new field of research, epigenitics. The EpigenTech Power peptide is present in all products and strengthens all the positive properties of our cells and makes them retain their vitality longer. Strong cells give more beautiful skin!

ESSENTIAL CARE - Simple, straightforward and basic skincare. ESSENTIAL CARE offers skincare for all the essential needs and takes care of moist, dry, sensitive and oily skin.

DOCTOR BABOR PROTECT CELLULAR - All sunscreen products contain UV filters, Sunflower and Mustard Extracts and encapsulated Vitamin C and E which together protect against free radicals, UV rays, blue light and infrared light as well as protect and repair DNA.

BABOR SPA - BABOR spa combines unique stem cell extracts for effective anti-ageing for the entire body and offers effective and nourishing treatments with four different scents for outstanding luxurious experiences.

HSR LIFTING - More active than ever, now contains 5 highly effective active ingredients that combat the causes of wrinkles on every front, effectively reducing all types of wrinkles and clearly counteracting reduced tension in the skin.

REVERSIVE - Anti-ageing series with an exclusive precision formula; RE-YOUTH COMPLEX. Here, four highly effective, active ingredients work together for increased elasticity, revived vitality and lustre.

BABOR MEN - New energy - pure vitality. TAUREC is a composition of active ingredients that BABOR has developed especially for male skin. It consists of Siberian Ginseng, Taurine and Hops, and enhances the skin's performance and resilience.

CLEANFORMANCE - Discover the power of natural ingredients like cannabidiol (CBD) and Red Maple Bark Extracts that strengthen the skin’s barrier, revitalise tired skin and improve elasticity and texture.

Acclimation to new skincare products

Remember to let the skin acclimate when you change to a new skincare brand, and not to start with all products at the same time. It takes about 2-8 weeks for the skin to get used to new products and before you see a clear improvement. Initially, you may experience a seeming deterioration of the skin in the form of dryness, impurities and pimples that can flare up . This is part of the cleansing process that happens at the beginning and is perfectly normal. However, you should never experience lasting discomfort on the skin. If you experience permanent discomfort, you should discontinue your treatment and contact our skin therapists.

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