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The thin and delicate skin around the eyes requires special care with a product that is specialised for this area only. The eye area contains less sebaceous glands than the rest of the face which means it has less natural protection. This means it is often more dry and sensitive, as well as more susceptible to the elements.

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As the saying goes: “the eyes are the windows to the soul” - and lack of sleep, stress and lifestyle choices leave their mark around the eye area in the form of lines, dark circles and swelling. Facial movements also cause wrinkles to appear around the eyes but with the right care you can prevent signs of tiredness and ageing, but for the best result you will need to change your eye cream depending on your skins condition and age. Do not forget to protect this thin layer against the suns’ damaging rays in order to help maintain the skins’ elasticity and prevent hyperpigmentatio

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