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Facial peel

Our skin grows and sheds millions of cells every day. This means that dead skin cells are loosened from the skins’ surface so that new cells can grow - a.k.a natural exfoliation. This process becomes slower with age which is why we need a little help along the way with an exfoliating product that removes dead skin cells, opens up blocked pores and evens out the skin.

When dead skin cells remain on the skins’ surface it can appear dull, dry and uneven. Even on young skin (which has a quicker cell regeneration rate) this step is still necessary during your skin care routine in order to prevent the pores from becoming blocked, which can lead to spots and inflammation. This highly effective step in your skin care routine is to be applied when your skin is cleanest; right before serums and boosters.

Choose a face peel that best suits your skin type and that also treats all skin conditions. If you have rough, resistant skin then a grain peel can work well as it focuses more on the skins’ surface. For sensitive skin, a mild acid peel is best which will loosen up the bonds between the skin cells. There are also combination peels with both exfoliating acids and peeling grains. These even out the skins’ surface and stimulate cell renewal deep within the skin

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