There are many different accessories that can complement your skin care routine and make it more effective. These can facilitate everything from application and cleansing to travel or other treatments.

Sponges, towels or a soft washcloth can be very good accessories to make things easier for you or to get other effects from your cleansing. A sponge can make your cleansing routine more powerful and is also mildly exfoliating, and washcloths can be a good hygienic option. With towels you can experiment with hot and cold to get a refreshing feeling.

Smaller varieties of bottles and cans can be useful for travelling. Specially designed gloves are a perfect complement to looking after your hands.

There are also accessories that facilitate the application of face masks which is a less messy and more hygienic alternative. Fluid products can be patted onto the skin with the hands or applied with facial pads. Don't forget to make everything easier by getting your hair out of the way with a hairband!

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