Decleór is leading within Aromatherapy, meaning the use of concentrated aromatic plant essence. Their products have naturally fragrant and preservative properties that makes them pure and a natural choice in skincare.

About Decléor

The company was founded over 35 years ago in Paris, and since then a team of experts has developed a complete skincare concept. Decleor is the leader of aromatherapy, which is the therapeutic use of aromatic plants and essentials oil, benefitting both body and spirit. Its natural fragrances and preserving properties make the products a natural, skin care alternative.

At the heart of Decléor’s philosophy is the Aromaessence ™. These concentrated elixirs of potent Essential Oils are formulated for either the face or body. They also have the astonishing capacity to increase their beneficial powers through combined synergy. The aromaessence also helps to penetrate the other ingredients into the skin, which enhances the effect of subsequent products.

Aroma Duo-Konceptet - A Beauty Booster

First step – Treat with Aromaessence serum.

An Aromaessence concentrate, adapted to your skin type, is a 100 percent natural Essential Oil serum that is non-greasy, immediately absorbed by the skin and deeply treats and rebalances. It also enhances the effect of the subsequent moisturizer up to 3 times.

Second step – protect with the appropriate daily moisturizer.

In order to protect your skin, the use of a suitable daily moisturizing product is essential and should be selected based on the needs of your skin. It helps to protect the skin by adding moisture, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Applied to perfectly cleansed skin, the use of the Aromaessence has the power to increase the performance of your chosen skin-cream.