Lavander Fine Cream Mask - 50 ml

Lavander Fine Cream Mask - 50 ml

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Lavander Fine Cream Mask is a fast-acting, effective tightening and softening face mask, specially developed for a mature, dry and dull skin. Has a rich texture with a fresh scent of lavender. Treats fine lines and delivers a plump, fresh and comfortable skin. Iris, rye and omega 6 from sunflower oil stimulate the production of collagen, counteract glycation (degradation of the skin's building blocks) and strengthen the skin's natural barrier function.

  • Fast-acting face mask for mature and dry skin.
  • Stimulates cell renewal and counteracts glycation.
  • Strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

The best quick-fix before (or after) a party for a boost of radiance. 

A product line for mature, dull and sagging skin. The L-PROLINE Complex re-energises the fibroblasts, key players in the architecture of the dermis. It reactivates collagen synthesis, reorganises, consolidates and tightens the dermal mesh and provides a real cell lift.

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