Hyal Reyouth Toner - 120 ml

Hyal Reyouth Toner - 120 ml

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Hyal Reyouth Toner is a gel toner that, with the help of the six different types of hyaluronic acid, boost the skin from the inside while soothing and moisturising dry and irritated skin. It sinks easily into the skin and quickly restores the skin's natural moisture barrier after washing by penetrating the different types of hyaluronic acid into each skin layer. Pro vitamins B5 and B3 form and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and ensure that the skin remains moisturised for a long time.

  • Gel toner that deeply moisturises. 
  • Contains six types of hyaluronic acid. 
  • Restores the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

For optimal absorption and effect of the toner, use the hands instead of a cotton pad.

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