Time-Filler Eyes - 15ml

Time-Filler Eyes - 15ml

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Time-Filler Eyes is an eye cream with velvety texture for absolute correction of fine lines and dark circles. Hyaluronic acid, tripeptide and active peeling ingredients smoothes out the area around the eye. It contains a complex that targets tired eyelids and stimulates the eyelashes so that they appear more dense. The eye looks more open. The result is an even area around the eyes, the eyelids become firmer, the dark rings are suppressed, the eyelashes are boosted. The look looks more open.

  • Eye cream with a light texture that targets fine lines and dark circles.
  • Boosts eyelashes so that they appear more dense.
  • Hyaluronic acid and tripeptide has a smoothing effect.

Store your eye cream in the refrigerator for a more refreshing effect when applied.

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