Bionic Lotion

Bionic Lotion


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This intensely nourishing lightweight rejuvenating moisturizer is formulated for dry, tight, and flaky skin. A generous concentration of PHAs helps to stimulate healthy cell renewal and retain moisture in the skin to relieve the symptoms of eczema. Antioxidants condition the skin so that dehydration and inflammation are minimized. A great post-procedure lotion, clinically proven to relieve redness, flaking, and other symptoms associated with eczema.

  • Contains PHAs.
  • Moisturizes and smooths.
  • Ideal for treating symptoms of eczema.
  • Suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

PHAs in this formula act as humectants (the opposite of desiccants) that attract and bind moisture to the skin, making this a perfect lotion for addressing dry skin that prefers not to be treated with thick, heavy creams.

To get as good a result as possible, we recommend that the products are used in combination with treatments at a NeoStrata clinic. You can find your nearest clinic (Sweden) here or through contact with our trained skin therapists.

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