Recovery Serum DNA fx221

Recovery Serum DNA fx221


50 ml

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The Recovery Serum DNA fx 221 from Priori delivers actual DNA repairing enzymes and key vitamins C and E into the skin to achieve a wonderful, glowing complexion. This is a truly innovative formula, with some of the most powerful active ingredients and delivery system to be found that helps to repair and reverse DNA damage without using anything harsh or potentially irritating. Added Sandalwood and Barley Extracts minimise fine lines and external damage, while your skin is nourished and restored to a healthy glow by the Evodia Fruit Extract. 

  • Serum that repairs DNA damage.
  • Innovative formula that hydrates and plumps the skin.
  • Contains multiple antioxidants.

With continued use, scarring hyperpigmentation and dullness will be significantly reduced.

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