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Light Brown
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Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with RefectoCil simply look better! The colour lasts for up to 6 weeks.
You can eassily mix different colurs for the perfect tone for your eyebrows. You also need: Application stick, vaseline, cup, brush and Oxidant 3%. Read more about hit in our skincare guide.

  • Pure black - Tints eyelashes and eyebrows pure deep black.

  • Graphite - is used, since this colour subtly covers greying or white hair evenly and gives it a light grey to dark grey shade.

  • Blue black - is a black colour with a blue lustre providing additional depth to the tinting result. blue black is ideal for clients who wish ?a bit more? than pure black: the colour goes very well with certain types of faces or eye make-up.

  • Natural brown - is a very dark, well covering brown which is ideal for clients with natural brown hair, who prefer a natural look. The eyelashes will be visible in their full length, look more voluminous and naturally beautiful.

  • Light brown - is suitable for a discreet, natural looking enhancement of light blonde to light brown eyelashes and eyebrows.

Content: 15 ml. Sufficient for approx. 30 applications.


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