Today most people know that SENSAI is synonymous with extremely high quality products. The ones who start with SENSAI rarely change their product brand. What most people still don't know is Sensai's unique SAHO-method and their beautiful brand-history.


The Japanese word SENSAI means fine and delicate. These qualities are closely related to Japanese beauty ideals. In Japan they also have a great appreciation for details and respect for the older generations’ wisdom.


In the mountains of Japan there was once a temple, where each morning, evening and night you could hear the bell ring. Therefore they named it Kanegafushi (The bell pool). Next to the temple were mulberry trees, which was inhabited by silkworms that ate of the mulberry leaves. Farmers around the area gathered the silkworm pulps and gave it to the villages’ women. From these pulp, the women spun silk threads, which they weaved to beautiful textiles. These textiles were so beautiful that they even became known outside the area. As they were weaving, a fine powder from the silkworms fell down, covering their hands. When the women washed their hands they found that the silk residue created foam.

The hands became silky smooth, hydrated, soft and luminous, despite being subject to harsh conditions. We now know that silk is rich in protein and has an ability to preserve the right amount of moisture our skin needs. Today, the small company has changed its name from Kanegafushi to Kanebo International, and although a lot of things have changed over the year, one thing stays the same; the silk. SENSAI and all other Kanebo products still uses silk in every formula, which continues to create beautiful complexion.


The original SENSAI skincare routine is inspired by the Saho concept, which has its roots in ancient Japanese tea ceremonies. It consists of following an appropriate skincare routine in the right order every day, to achieve ultimately results. Saho concept is central in the SENSAI custom of Double Cleansing, Double Moisturizing and Double Application. This method uses the latest technology to rebuild and strengthen the skin’s natural protection as well as being holistic. This simple method is easy to remember and makes your skincare routine more effective, giving you an optimal result. Source:

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