Lacking firmness

As the skin ages firmness begins to disappear. Elastin and collagen are produced more slowly and it is precisely these two components of the skin that help to keep the skin firm, elastic and moisturised, and at the same time provide balance for the skeleton and joints and blood vessels. Together, they ensure that our skin looks youthful and smooth and that the skin can heal when it has been damaged. UV radiation also breaks down collagen in the skin.

So how are we going to protect this amazing duo? Start with a sunscreen! Even in winter. We can also help boost our skin's collagen production, both from the inside and outside, by providing the cells with what they need so they can generate more. Skin care makes use of peptides and other ingredients that can stimulate the skin's own collagen production. Vitamin A and Antioxidants - Especially Vitamin C - are proven to be effective, so make sure your skin care routine contains these super-vitamins.

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