Redness occurs because the surface blood vessels dilate to allow more blood to flow under the surface of the skin. It can happen when you feel stressed, during physical activity, as a result of some diseases that have it as a symptom. But also if you have a sensitive skin it is more likely that you may suffer from redness. Sensitive skin has more superficial and widened blood vessels and can respond more easily to these factors. But reactive skin is not constantly red or irritated as sensitive skin is, but flares up and reddens easily under various types of stress, such as powerful products or touch.

There are many amazing ingredients and products that can help calm reactive skin. For example, cucumber and eucalyptus are cooling and calm redness effectively. Bisabolol is another ingredient that is good to look out for. Liquorice extract also has soothing properties and ceramides that help to build the skin barrier, among other things, can be beneficial with sensitivity. A weakened skin barrier can lead to irritation and redness and therefore barrier-enhancing ingredients can help.

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