Micellar Water Cleanser  - 150 ml

Micellar Water Cleanser - 150 ml

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Micellar Water Cleanser has a unique formula that effectively dissolves lighter dirt and makeup. It contains charged particles that draw out dirt with a magnetic-like effect. Enriched with various fruit acids, it exfoliates the skin very gently for a clearer and fresher skin tone. It also contains several body moisturizers (Natural Moisturizing Factors) such as biosccharides, hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA that both preserve and provide moisture for the skin. Your skin feels clear, fresh, and moisturized afterwards. pH value about 4.5.

  • Cleansing micellar water.
  • Gentle exfoliating effect.
  • Both moisturizing and moisture-retaining formula.

Perfect cleansing product when traveling or as a simple morning routine.

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