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Tata Harper Skincare is an organic skin care series from America that focuses on the latest technology within natural cosmetics. The brand was founded in 2002 by Tata Harper from Colombia. When a relative of Tatas’ was diagnosed with cancer, she began to study the ingredients in skin care products and noticed how many chemicals were being used. She changed her lifestyle and swapped out all of her food for organic produce, avoided chemical hygiene products at home and started practicing yoga - but when it came to skin care she was at a loss. She missed luxurious and effective skin care products that were also organic and free from unnecessary or synthetically produced substances, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. The goal was to create completely natural and organic products without artificial substances, which contained only the best and most potent ingredients for the skin. The result was a brand that combined luxury with high concentrations of nourishing plant extracts. The products quickly became popular after the initial release, and part of the success was down to how all of the products were created on the family’s own farm in Vermont. Tata Harper, known for their gorgeous green bottles, have earned the following certificates: Leaping Bunny, AVA (American Vegetarian Association), Certified Vermont Made and EcoCert.

“It took eight chemists five years to help concept the products.” /Tata Harper


African wild grape, Inca Inchi, Narcissus flower extract, fermented bamboo, stem cells from Edelweiss and polyphenols from grapes are just some of the unique ingredients used in Tata Harper’s concentrated composition. The brand is continuously looking for new and innovative ingredients to help revolutionise the skin care industry. 


Tata Harper's’ high quality ingredients come from all over the world and are handpicked by Tata herself for their unique properties and benefits for the skin. Quality before quantity; mass produced ingredients don’t get a look in.


Their products contain a very high concentration of active plant extracts, nourishing oils and active essences to ensure maximum results for the skin. Look for the ‘High Performing Ingredients icon’ on any packaging to see how many bioactive ingredients that particular product contains. 


  • Clarifying Line – for imbalanced skin with blocked pores.
  • Purifying Line – works to prevent and treat damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Resurfacing Collection - products with an instant glow effect.
  • Elixir Vitae Collection – the ultimate treatment for signs of ageing on the skin.
  • Boosted Contouring Line – tightens up and improves the skin’s elasticity.
  • Concentrated Brightening Line – treats hyperpigmentation and evens out the skin tone.


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